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Think Global, Eat Local: Pioneers in Detroit Food and Farming and Our Collective Path to a Sustainable Future

Hosted by Temple Children, Supported by 1xRun and Eastern Market
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 from 3 – 4:30 PM, Shed 2

A discussion about the locavore and urban farming movement, how it takes a village, and why it is vital on both a micro and macro level.


Tyson Gersh, Founder and President of MIUFI

Tyson created America’s first Urban Agrihood in Detroit’s North End – neighborhoods that offer a mix of farm-to-table food offerings and cooperative living. He’s led 8,000 volunteers to produce 50,000 pounds of food, feeding over 2,000 individual city households in 5 years and his operation is growing rapidly.

Matt Tulpa, Chef / Entrepreneur

Matt is an inspirational private chef that has been pushing Detroit’s food and pop up scene through his creativity and advocacy for using seasonal, local produce and supporting local, organic farmers. He is the chef/owner of Salt & Saffron, Vicecream, and President/Co-Founder of The Field: Detroit’s Culinary Collaborative.

MyThy Huynh, Baker / Food Blogger

MyThy is a full time ER nurse at the largest Level 1 Trauma Center in the county. When she isn’t in the ER, she happens to have her finger on the pulse of the global food community and has turned her instagram account into a Michigan and Detroit-centric food portfolio, elevating and supporting local farmers, chefs, restaurants, and the food community in Detroit.

Please join Temple Children for a post-panel cocktail and small bites provided by Matt & MyThy.

Temple Children is an organization founded by Miya Tsukazaki and David ‘MEGGS’ Hooke that fuses food, art, and sustainability to strengthen and build communities. For more on their cause, please visit

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