Nick Pizana
Detroit, MI


Nick Pizana is a painter and muralist from Detroit, MI. Pizana taught himself to create art in his teenage years by making comics and street art. Even after developing his style for a fine art setting, a lot of those aesthetic values still form the foundation of his work. His style is characterized by bright, radioactive color, dark graphic lines and expressive figures and shapes that invoke movement and action. His work pulls inspiration from advertisements, comics, action films and every day life. 

Pizana has created work for Red Bull House of Art, Dally in the Alley, and Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and his work has been shown in Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York.

In addition to his personal art practice, Pizana is a co-owner/curator at KO Studio Gallery in Hamtramck, MI and a board-member/curator at Whitdel Arts in Detroit, MI.

Past Work