Felipe Pantone
Valencia, Spain

Felipe Pantone’s body of work spans from graffiti to kinetic art. Strong contrasts, vivid colors, effects, and the use of mixed medium and varied technique combine to impact strongly on the viewer.
What really intrigues is not the striking nature of his work, but the artist’s journey to discover this aesthetic. We live in a time where more images are produced than can possibly be seen, and the impetus for an artist to stand out from the others is stronger than ever. Information flows at an exponentially increasing rate, a leitmotif recurrent in Felipe Pantone’s compositions, his hyperactivity, working methods and his constant traveling around the world.

Someone who aspires to do something important in art must understand the world and time they inhabit. Felipe Pantone understands perfectly."

Omar Quiñones. Velvet Liga Internacional

2016 Mural by Felipe Pantone in Eastern Market, Detroit

2016 Mural by Felipe Pantone in Eastern Market, Detroit

Past Work