One person one vessel to be a lens.  A lens to put in focus the emotions, thoughts and understandings of a humans reality, reality in general.  One person’s perception has an infinite number of possibilities.  One's view of life, people, interactions, what it feels like to walk the streets and forests is completely different from one another.  A persons perception, a persons thoughts and experiences vary and exist with an infinite number of paths.  

Time proceeds along the vast webbing network that is composed of split second connections and movement, always and immediately changing, pulsing, and undulating.  The repetition in pattern presents itself in nature’s law, the pattern of elemental movement and interaction, in the building, growing, recycling, forming, deforming and eroding of it all.  In these natural processes the span of time is large, the changes subtle.  But in our short abbreviated lives the connections, the patterns, the nature in us is sped up, amplified and infinite.  The speed of our lives, the flux of emotions, thoughts, feelings, aging etc. this time that we perceive changes rapidly.  The strands on our web of the network are smaller, the synapses shorter.  

With the rapidness of our lives and the changes in our reality, the possibilities and probabilities are endless and infinite.  At all times we have paths to follow, strands on an invisible web to move along.   Minute (my-noot) moments passing with split second decisions, reaching to the endless and bottomless vastness of realities possibilities and moving forward.  How could we ever understand anyone else’s reality and with this vastness in change how can we ever grasp the fullness of reality.  If only for brief moments, I will remain reaching.