AN AFTERNOON WITH JEREMY DEPUTAT &  jesse cory at the 1xrun warehouse

Join us for an illuminating and informative afternoon with local photographer and art director Jeremy Deptutat who will move from behind the lens to discuss his work, experiences, and techiniques as an internationally recognized artist.

Since he was a kid in the 80’s collecting records (Run-DMC’s “Raising Hell” kicked off his collection) and magazines like Thrasher, Hit Parader & Metal Edge, Jeremy “JD” Deputat has been influenced by music, culture and art. Combining his desire to create and his fascination with capturing life on film led the Detroit-bred artist to quit his day job as an art director and to focus on doing what he loves the most - photographing people and culture. Although he travels frequently, JD continues to sculpt his raw style and gain inspiration from the gritty Motor City he calls home.

His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Vibe, ESPN The Magazine and he has photographed everyone from local favorites such as Eminem, Kid Rock, Danny Brown and Big Sean to internationally recognized Rhianna, Travis Barker (Blink-182) and 50 Cent.

Photo by Halopigg (@halopigg)