Terri "diviniti" Smith
Founder, The Little Bit Project

You are loved. Smile. Think positive. Believe. Everything will be alright. Sure, we know all these things, but sometimes we need to be reminded. You can make positive changes in your life, but doesn’t it help to have encouragement? That’s what The Little Bit Project is about; promoting positive energy through initiating acts of kindness and empowering people to transform their lives for the better.

The Little Bit Project was launched in 2015 by Terri ‘Diviniti’ Smith, an educator and singer-songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. Diviniti has a musical history of uplifting listeners through songs with positive messages such as “Everlasting Love” and “Find A Way”. She set out to provide another way to promote positive energy and love through The Little Bit Project.

The project started with Little Bit Cards, affirmation cards, stating messages such as Believe, You Are Loved and Shine. These cards began in Detroit and have since been mailed to supporters around the world. Little Bit Cards can now be found on six continents - everywhere except Antarctica. The cards were placed in public places, such as shops and restaurants, so other people could find them and be inspired by the messages. The affirmative statements are now in more than 100 countries and numerous cities worldwide!

The Little Bit Project is not only about positive messages and empowerment through words, but also about assisting people directly.  The #positiveperiod campaign delivered more than 300 bags to women who are homeless or otherwise in crisis and who often do not have access to the sanitary products.  In 2017 the first annual Holiday Drive provided 15 young people from families in crisis with items they needed and wanted for the winter holiday season. The biannual Journaling Challenge has helped people assess their lives and make positive steps through writing and self-reflection. Additionally, there have been various community projects in Detroit. These have focused on those individuals most in need, such as the homeless and those in recovery.  Other projects have provided food to the homeless and flowers, refreshments, and words of encouragement to the families of patients in intensive care.

You can be a part of the Little Bit Project! Donate to receive your own set of Little Bit Cards or just to help the project to go further. See the website for more information. Remember, a Little Bit goes a Long Way!

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