Ryan C. Doyle's artwork can be described as huge, massive, loud, dangerous, and thought provoking. Doyle's aim is to engage his audience and push the limits of personal "safety." If art’s true nature is to change the emotions of the viewer, he offers an exciting relationship for the audience to be terrified, exhausted and hopefully empowered; after courageously volunteering to “engage” his works. Doyle has been profiled in numerous publications including the NY Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Popular Mechanics, MAKE, Wired, Detroit Metro Times, New York Magazine, the Village Voice, and Free Amsterdam. Doyle has appeared on popular TV shows such as Junk Yard Wars, Monster Garage, Junkies, and was a member of the creation team/cast for Rock’n Roll Acid Test. Doyle has exhibited extensively across America, Australia and Europe being included in many festivals such as: The Venice Biennalle, AND festival, The Influencers, Big day Out, Device Art, RoboDock, Performa, and Coachella.