laura finlay,

LAURA FINLAY is a multidisciplinary artist who found her forte in collage in early 2014. With a background in photography and ceramics, this medium allowed her to showcase her penchant of detail by combining image with sculpture. Every piece is an exercise in composition and curiosity, all while inviting the viewer to appreciate the role negative space plays. With Finlay focusing on the precision and patience each collage demands, the audience is allowed to admire the playfulness within every vivid arrangement. Pretty or poignant, large or small, her work is sure to leave you pleasantly suspended.

Collaging allowed me to flourish on my own in a way that I had not experienced in many years. By bringing together strengths of composition and craft, I found a playful new way of storytelling that fascinates the audience. I free the elements from pictures and rearranging them in isolated situations, I tell a new story. It acts as a second chance at life for these old books and magazines that were probably in a basement or garage for years that would have ended up being thrown out. My art is recycling, which minimizes my carbon footprint in our “throw away” society. Some inspiration over the years include Monty Python, Aardman Animations, Cindy Sherman, Nan Goldin, Gustav Klimt, and Andy Goldsworthy.