tony whlgn

Professionally known as Tony Whlgn ( Hoo - li - gen ), I’m an Artist + Designer, born on Detroit’s Eastside. With a background in Digital and Fine Art, I’ve survived as an Artist in the 21st Century by creating unconventional ways for my work to be experienced and made available for mass exchange. From music to garments, carrying out a solid narrative effectively is a top priority.

At an early age, my life was consumed by the Arts, which allowed my skills to be refined and developed thru various artistic disciplines. I.e. Photography, Architecture, Painting, Sculpture and Transportation design. I decided College, wasn’t the route my Life was destined to go and began Pioneering a path of my own.

In 2009, with the help of my close friends we formed, the Whlgn®. My friends and I came to a mutual understanding and we believed in each other’s progress and in our own skill sets respectively. We encourage creatives and individuals alike to be entrepreneurial, live out their dreams, follow what they believe to be true, and not conform to what society believes will make them happy in their lives. Our objective is to open the door of imagination & inspire individuals that can relate. What makes us  Whlgns, is that we do what we want because we love what we do.